-- the masses say "Benevolent Princess,"
my progenies, do allow me to correct
i am a deity that embodies her ideals
i am the redeemer i am no longer corporeal
my advocate is Despair
and i am her Inamorata --


mentions of:
blood, gore, religion, death



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His laugh flickers with thrilling scorn and his adamantine stance shifts as he languidly bends at the waist in a mocking, derisive bow, paying proper homage to his near and dear sovereign.  The delusions of the bourgeoisie and their fantastical phantasms that all are their personal court of worshippers are never too farfetched to entertain.  A prefect and a man of courtesy, protocol and order, there is nothing wrong with properly greeting authority, tepidly to be usurped or not.

His blood clots in his veins, a thick, bile-like drip of malicious disgust pooling in his guts. 


Your Highness,” he greets, mocking, and he lifts his head, “a pressing message: you’re to be escorted to your own personal apocalpse, a befitting death for my one true Liege: impaled upon her own specter.”

"Ah. Hilarious."

Cold, stoic eyes gaze down, down, down upon this imprudent young man, as white fingers grasp the round pinnacle of her mace. Indignation appears not on her strangely serene countenance. Malice, however, proves visible. The opposition thinks himself wunderkind? Absolutely sidesplitting.

"I had been awaiting a jester for quite some time prior. Thank you for gracing me with your mildly comical anecdote, but I find that it is quite illusory to be real, correct? Let me make two things clear to you, clown.

"One: the apocalypse will be mine to cause. Two: death holds a phobia for yours truly. Now, lend me your, ah, ‘moniker’, buffoon. I shall add your name to a lengthy roster of those who death will eat for breakfast.”

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His articles of faith strike truth like mallet upon drum; hallowed light that radiates from within rotting flesh, the colour of his skin sourced by the pentecostal fire that burns bright within. Otherwise, he does present himself as translucent, demonstrations of pellucid godly flesh—like his skin is clear as the diamonds encrusted upon Nevermind’s jewellery.


To implicate heresy? How dangerous to state! My word is nothing less than honoured by God, and thusly, I do beseech you retract such vitrolic statements, lest the Gods inform me to strike you where you stand. I am a merciful man, yet I cannot vouch for kindness demonstrated by Gods upon words of heretics spoken of Them.”

Tanaka’s right hand raises, as if to passively silence her, and he then flicks the air idly, to disparate her words like they were cigarette smoke. “The attempts upon my life further prove of my holy guidance and protection. A God blessed individual cannot die at the hands of mere mortals. As such, I would be the one fearing for my life if I were you, Sonia Nevermind, lest They decide you’ve spent quite enough time playing your rebellious game.”

Even with her amount of self-proclaimed power, she cannot strike at Gundam Tanaka. Of all of those she has acknowledged, Tanaka displays individual capability more than any other of those she had condemned to palace life. How the boy acquired those skills while honing his chosen craft is beyond her, but, unlike him, her aptitude exists externally. If she were with her men, she would strike. If she were armed with a gun in arms, she would strike. But unprepared in passing and with only a fist as weaponry? To strike would be too… ad hoc.

However, to submit due to the fact that physical reprisal is not an option? That is worse than impromptu, that is foolish, that is weak, that turns the prominent goddess into a mere subordinate, and a subordinate to the most delirious man she has come across. "An immortal," she says, "cannot fear for their life. Correct your threat to one that legitimately stirs dread, and then I shall correct my regard towards you to one that takes you seriously."

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Not knowing its consequences, she decided to stay— regardless of her harsh words. What was going on between them. Obviously, their friendship would not work out. She spoke to her less-forgiving counterpart again, "I do exist. You do not. I am nowhere near the person who you are now. We may have recently met, but it does not mean you could banish me from my own home. Vacation house, rather."

The next moments are filled with only that of deafening pause. Sonia stares at this daring impostor with fervent contempt, mind brimming with what is easily dismissed as weak retort. A fissure opens in the silence and consumes it:

"Fine. I refuse to argue with a hallucination, and such a stubborn one at that. I do believe that the foolish being I was once lacked in decorum, but not as much as you are exhibiting now. You will simply be ignored until I summon my soldiers to remove you from the premises.” And then she makes her way to the kitchen and opens the cabinets in a subdued huff, frowning at each ingredient her line of sight meets.

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It’s a lovely afternoon, isn’t it?

Cerulean oculars rise almost hesitantly to the sky, avoiding the glare of the looming sun. It being the afternoon, as stated by the other, the rays of the sun are diluted, subdued, but Her Highness still fears for the full function of her eyes. Indeed, he is right, in contradiction to his usual brand of disguised imprecision.

"… Indeed," she says.

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Why there is an influx of visitants is something she is unaware of, but the reasoning matters not; what matters is that these are likely people, other than her soldiers, willing to devote. Is it for her crown or for her fortune or for her superficial beauty? Ah, instead of dwelling upon such a despairing subject, she brings back the recurrent ‘reasoning matters not’ to justify her investigative apathy.

Tilting her head upwards slightly to align her focus to the crowd, she says, she orders, " — Toss aside your self-proclaimed talent. State your name and business." For once, her words are simple, to the point. This is what the populace reveres and fears, this is what the populace attempts to exaggerate: plain statement. She’ll exploit it, just this once.

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[♒] “I don’t suppose you’ve come for a swim, have you?”
"But whatever. I wouldn’t mind a bit of company. Don’t bore me though. I might end up pulling you into the water anyways."

The question must have been rhetoric, for why else would the queen visit a pool? If it were not… then Her Highness would possess no regret that she’d laid terror upon an academy that would bestow an elite class title on a halfwit.

" — I doubt," says the girl, “That one with expert erudition on the art of swimming would cause boredom. If your statement was not said with such a soft implement, then I would have you taken at the hands of my army for such blasphemy. However, I will express some, ah, temporary lenience, just this once.” 

In a graceful arc, her figure soars into the air only to decline into the water in what is, from the surface, a minimal splash; the blonde’s crown emerges first, followed by her glistening visage, and then the rest of what can surface. Water drips from the sleeves of her wetsuit and her long eyelashes as she blinks, gently beaming at the other in what may be conceit or invitation or both.

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